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Saving Draco Malfoy

"Saving Draco Malfoy" was, in my opinion, a truly excellent fic. It had Draco scheming and planning with the best of them, and showing what he was made of. When I first started to read I was surprised about how the author was going about it, but any scepticism that I had was quickly put to rest as I read on. Draco takes his life and future into his own hands, and as the summary says, “Draco Malfoy decides to save himself.” Although going about it in a very unconventional way (becoming pregnant anyone?) I could see his point of view. ddayspring really lets us get inside the characters psyche – always good in any story – so we can see and comprehend, if not understand the ‘why’ of the character.

Although Draco and Harry started far from the perfect relationship and faced a lot to get to the happy couple they are at the end I did enjoy it. Saying that I do think that it was unrealistic in many ways, especially when Draco first grabs Harry and drags him off so they can have sex for the first time.

I really liked this story and my favourite scene, which may be a little odd, was when Harry found out that Draco had fed him the potion and said he would not be allowed to keep his son. I thought that it was very true to the characters and very well written.
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