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Mod Post

I have been talking with the other mod, elethoniel, and we are going to do a complete overhall of the community, as we have hit a dead stop. We have had lots of ideas, but we would also like everyone elses oppinions.

What we plan to do is have an aspect of H/D fandom discussed. We thought that we would take up a topic every month and leave it open to discussion. This is a bit confusing, so I'm going to give some examples that we had thought of so far:

    - Post Hogwarts. Are we missing an important part as the characters are removed. In this setting are original characters more important and essential or are we moving away from the cannon. Or do authors try to keep to many cannon characters when Harry and Draco would probably not keep in touch.
    - LeatherTrouser!Draco
    - Super!Harry
    - MPreg in frandom
    - Fanart - you love it, you hate it. What so you think about all thes pics that show one of them naked? Do people like/find them offensive?

We would also continue to have story discussions every once in a while, as well as doing post for good fics of a certain genre and posts for really bad fics of a certain genre.

None of this is set in stone yet, as we are still discussing, but we would really like to know what the group thinks before making any changes.

Mods, rhydwen and elethoniel
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