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Are non magic fics really what Harry Potter is about, and can they be faithful the characters

I just finished reading Incurable by warholhp, which is an AU story that I recommend highly. It got me thinking about why I originally started to like Harry Potter in the first place. I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the first time when I was 11 or 12 just after it had originally been released, and the same day it was on Blue Peter being reviewed, having just won an award. What was heavily emphasised was the completely new magical world that J.K Rowling had invented, with words such as Quidditch being used as examples. So this led to me thinking, why do I and others like non-magical fanfics? I’m not really a big fan, but I do read them occasionally.

Originally it was the magic that attracted me to the books and I still really like fics that have a great emphasis on magic, especially how it works as some authors place a lot of emphasis. But fics like [name] are also attractive.

The obvious answer here would be that I, like we all do, love the Harry/Draco pairing and characters so much that it doesn’t matter if there is any magic or not, but the lack of magic has to have an impact on how the characters are written. If there is no magic there is no Voldemort, as Tom Riddle would either be dead or very old by this point. Clearly this would change Draco’s character as his father would not be a Death Eater and he would not be focused on becoming a Death Eater/trying not to become a Death Eater – however you want to look at it. Harry’s Parents’ could still have been murdered by Riddle, but it would have to be done differently, but without magic there is no plausible way that Harry could have banished/defeated/killed Riddle/Voldemort, so would not be the celebrity that he is in the books.

The Harry/Draco relationship can never be the same. They don’t have the same history to get through. I love that they used to be enemies before they get together, or are still enemies and just have a hate relationship with lots of sex. We can’t have this in non magic fics, or if we do it’s never the same.

So when reading non magic fics it could be said that we are not even reading Harry Potter, just fiction that contains all the characters from the Harry Potter universe. Or the characters stick to closely to those that are found in the books when they have no reason to act like that and instead there personalities seem to be forced on them for no reason.

So what do you think? Do you like non magical fics? Or do they just seem so wrong for the Harry Potter universe?
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