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Discussions of Harry/Draco fanfiction

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As you may know, read_harrydraco had been undergoing changes recently, but now the mods have finally got their act together and the community should be fully up and running.

read_harrydraco is a discussion community to talk about all aspects of Harry/Draco in fandom. What we like about the pairing, what we hate and things that frankly just seem weird. Posts will be put up relating to different types of fics, e.g.
- Post Hogwarts. Are we missing an important part as the characters are removed. In this setting are original characters more important and essential or are we moving away from the cannon. Or do authors try to keep to many cannon characters when Harry and Draco would probably not keep in touch.
- LeatherTrouser!Draco
- Super!Harry
- MPreg in frandom
- Fanart - you love it, you hate it. What so you think about all these pics that show one of them naked? Do people like/find them offensive?

We will still be recing fics and putting them up for discussion, but not as regularly as we once did.

Currently only the mods can post, but from time to time, we will be looking for volunteers to post discussions and will put up a post asking for people to sign up.

The only rule is to be polite and listen to other peoples’ opinions.

Thank you so much to elethoniel for the lovely new layout for the community.